Rashid Latif: India vs Pakistan Cricket Approach

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India’s Cricket Industry vs. Pakistan’s Hobby

Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif highlighted the stark difference between the cricketing approaches of India and Pakistan. Latif pointed out that while India has turned cricket into a thriving industry, Pakistan continues to treat it as a hobby. This difference was evident when India won the 2024 T20 World Cup without losing a game, whereas Pakistan was eliminated in the group stages.

The Impact of IPL and PSL

Latif compared the success of India’s Indian Premier League (IPL) and Pakistan’s Pakistan Super League (PSL). He emphasized that the IPL has become a global brand and one of the biggest sporting leagues in the world, while the PSL has not progressed much from where it started. Latif noted the significant salary differences, with the IPL’s highest salary cap being $1.40 lakh, allowing it to attract top players like Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins, unlike the PSL.

India’s Grassroots Development

Latif acknowledged India’s comprehensive development at the grassroots level. He mentioned that since 2007, India has been a dominant force in world cricket, with significant contributions from foreign coaches. The IPL has further strengthened this foundation by involving cricketing greats like Ponting, Hussey, and Bravo. In contrast, Pakistan has struggled to match this level of development.

BPL vs. PSL: A Comparison

Latif also compared the PSL with the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), which he believes has more foreign players than the PSL. He cited examples of players like Moeen Ali and David Miller playing in the BPL because of better financial incentives. The lack of progress in the PSL, according to Latif, is due to the early dismissal of its conceptualizers and the inability to expand the league.


Despite having reputable T20 leagues, both Bangladesh and Pakistan have fallen behind India in limited-overs cricket. India’s strategic approach and significant investments in both its domestic leagues and grassroots development have established it as a dominant force in world cricket. Rashid Latif’s insights highlight the need for Pakistan to re-evaluate and strengthen its cricketing infrastructure to compete at the highest levels.(cricket betting app)