MS Dhoni May Join IPL 2025: Coach’s Insight

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MS Dhoni celebrated his 43rd birthday on Sunday. With age certainly not on his side, Dhoni will need to meticulously plan his training and approach in the upcoming months with laser focus if he indeed wants to play in IPL 2025. Ultimately, the decision rests with Dhoni himself as to whether he chooses to take on the challenge.

Dhoni’s Future in IPL 2025

MS Dhoni and his potential participation in the IPL 2025 season have become a subject of intense debate. Fans will be eager to see his iconic presence in the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) dugout and also await with bated breath whether he will grace the IPL field in the coming year. While Dhoni himself has remained tight-lipped about his plans, his childhood coach, Keshav Ranjan Banerjee, recently offered some insights that can offer a glimmer of hope for fans who yearn to see Dhoni continue his IPL legacy.

Coach Banerjee’s Background

Banerjee is Dhoni’s first cricket coach. He spotted the Indian legend’s talent when he was studying at Jawahar Vidya Mandir in Ranchi. Today, Dhoni’s coach is popularly known as ‘Banerjee Sir’ in Ranchi. In MS Dhoni’s biopic, Rajesh Sharma played the role of Banerjee sir. Speaking exclusively to Sports Now, Banerjee revealed that Dhoni’s fitness and form will be the key factors influencing his decision.

Dhoni’s Current Fitness and Form

“He [Dhoni] is still batting very well,” Banerjee said, hinting that Dhoni’s batting skills haven’t diminished. This aligns with Dhoni’s performance in the 2024 IPL season, where he has displayed glimpses of his vintage finishing prowess. However, Banerjee also acknowledged the need for proper workload management. Dhoni underwent knee surgery after the 2023 IPL, and his age (43) necessitates strategic planning.

The Unpredictable Future

Banerjee understood the significant interest surrounding Dhoni’s future but was candid in saying, “I am unable to predict the future.” He continued, “But if he thinks he can play for another year, the country will be happy. It depends entirely on him, but I do want him to play IPL 2025. As everyone has seen, he is a box office hit and a crowd puller. So MS Dhoni can play IPL 2025,” said the 68-year-old.

The Realistic Assessment

Banerjee also made a realistic assessment, considering Dhoni’s demanding career spanning over two decades, and admitted to the toll that time has taken on Dhoni’s physical prowess. “He needs to think about how he can improve himself if he does play. I can see that age has taken a toll on him. He has become a bit slower than he was before. It’s a part of the natural process,” said the man who discovered MS Dhoni and helped shape his career when he was growing up.

Dhoni’s Experience as an Equaliser

Highlighting Dhoni’s exceptional experience as a potential equaliser, Banerjee said, “But he can overcome strength and endurance by using his experience. So by experience, he can beat father time.” This suggests Dhoni might adapt his game, relying more on his strategic mind and cricketing nous to compensate for physical limitations.

The Impact Player Rule Advantage

Banerjee also offered an interesting perspective and suggested that if BCCI kept the impact player rule intact, Dhoni’s chances of playing would rise even more. This rule is advantageous for Dhoni, who is looking for ways to manage his workload in the latter stages of his career. “So if BCCI keeps the impact player rule, it will be easier for him to play IPL 2025. But whenever he goes out to bat, I am sure he will score runs and play according to the team’s needs,” he concluded.(cricket betting app)