Manjrekar on Pandya Booing: Crowd Must Behave

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Manjrekar Defends Hardik Pandya Amidst Boos

When Sanjay Manjrekar urged the Wankhede crowd to “behave” after they booed the newly-appointed Mumbai Indians skipper Hardik Pandya, he aimed to make the public understand that targeting a “big stage player” with boorish behavior was unfair. Pandya, who was jeered at every venue following his appointment as MI captain, faced backlash due to the controversial end of Rohit Sharma’s successful tenure. This episode deeply impacted Pandya.

Manjrekar’s Intervention and the Aftermath

During a home match of MI at Wankhede, Manjrekar, while conducting the toss, interjected to calm the crowd. However, this attempt only fueled a meme-fest by insensitive social media trolls. Despite the negativity, Manjrekar’s defense of Pandya was rooted in his belief in the player’s capabilities.

Pandya’s Redemption and Manjrekar’s Vindication

Hardik Pandya played a crucial role in India’s second T20 World Cup victory, scoring 144 runs and taking 11 wickets. Manjrekar’s faith in Pandya was vindicated. “What a turnaround for Hardik Pandya. In IPL, there were people jeering him and booing him, and I told them to behave because this is a big-stage player,” Manjrekar told ‘ESPNCricinfo’.

Proving His Mettle

The former India player and noted pundit always believed that Pandya would excel under pressure. Pandya’s performance, including crucial wickets of Heinrich Klaasen, David Miller, and Rabada, showcased his champion qualities. “We have seen that umpteen times, wickets of Heinrich Klaasen, David Miller, and right at the end, Rabada, so he was a champion and no surprise to see him flourish on the big stage,” Manjrekar said.

A Face-Saver for India

Manjrekar also reminded fans of Pandya’s resilience during India’s defeat against England in the 2022 T20 World Cup semifinal. Pandya’s 60 off 33 balls provided India with a glimmer of hope. “Even in that semifinal against England, he came in and gave India some hope with 60 off 33. So that’s what he is all about.

Calm Under Pressure

Manjrekar concluded by highlighting Pandya’s composure in critical moments. “You felt safe when he came to bowl in the last over, he was not going to lose his nerves, he was going to bowl sensibly,” he said. Pandya’s ability to stay calm under pressure continues to make him a valuable asset for any team.(cricket betting app)