AB: Kohli Best at No. 3 in T20s

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De Villiers Advocates for Kohli’s Batting Position

Former IPL Teammate’s Opinion

AB De Villiers, former IPL teammate and close friend of Virat Kohli, has voiced his opinion on Kohli’s ideal batting position in T20 cricket. Despite Kohli’s recent exploits as an opener in the IPL 2024 season, De Villiers maintains a strong belief in Kohli’s suitability at number 3.

Number 3: De Villiers’ Preference

De Villiers firmly believes that Kohli’s rightful place in the batting order is at number 3, despite his recent success as an opener in the IPL 2024 season. In an exclusive conversation with News18 CricketNext, De Villiers emphasized, “He’s been phenomenal but I still believe he’s a number three batsman.”

Kohli’s Strength in Middle Overs

Highlighting Kohli’s proficiency during the middle overs, De Villiers emphasized that he is unparalleled between overs six and 20. De Villiers described Kohli as “the best in the world when he’s just playing normal cricket,” indicating that his ability to anchor the innings during this crucial phase makes him invaluable to the team.

Concerns Over Early Risks

Expressing concerns about Kohli’s aggressive approach in the initial overs, De Villiers cautioned against the potential pressure on the middle order if Kohli were to fall early. De Villiers believes that Kohli’s tendency to take risks early on could destabilize the team’s batting lineup, putting undue pressure on the middle order batsmen.

Balancing Individual Success and Team Goals

While Kohli’s personal success in the IPL 2024 season is commendable, De Villiers’ advocacy for his batting position underscores the ongoing debate regarding team strategy as India prepares for the T20 World Cup. De Villiers acknowledges Kohli’s enjoyment in the opening role but emphasizes the importance of prioritizing team goals over individual preferences.


As India’s T20 World Cup campaign approaches, the debate over Virat Kohli’s batting position continues to simmer. While Kohli’s individual brilliance cannot be denied, De Villiers’ insights shed light on the delicate balance between personal success and team dynamics in the high-stakes world of international cricket.(vegas11 Slot)